Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jack Gale and The Medicine Men - The Medicine / The Sloppy Madison

Are you and your friends feeling sick or hungover? Well then it's time to do The Medicine! Just follow along and "Form a great big sick looking line." Then when Jack says hit it, "Take your temperature, a glass of Rolo Seltzer (?) and swallow 3 one a day brand vitamins. HIT IT!!"

The Sloppy Madison is more of the same nuttyness. "When I say hit it, go into the birdland, then spin out of it and form that big G. G for Gale? No, G for garbage. Someone forgot to take it out. Hit it!!! Cray-zee!!"

Jack Gale is a radio personality, producer, voice over artist, record label owner and writer. Back in 1962 he did this funny take on the dance, The Madison. You can read more about Jack HERE.

Artist: Jack Gale and The Medicine Men
Label: Columbia 4-41665 (Radio Station While Label Promo)
Year: 1962
Side A: The Medicine
Side B: The Sloppy Madison

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