Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Jim Cannon - Underwater Man / My Evil Eye

For Underwater Man, a guy skin diving meets a mermaid and they fall in love. The problem is, he can't live underwater and she can't live on land. He comes up with a great solution which you will hear at the end of the record. The highlight of this record for me is the gurgling underwater talking. Weirdness!!

For My Evil Eye, he uses his powers from his evil eye to get the chicks. Includes the creepy lyrics, "When I get a girl wrapped up in my arms. And if she gets afraid that I'll do her some harm. I can make her stay when she wants to go. Make her say yay when she want's to say no. Ain't tellin' no lie. It's my evil eye." Super cool organ sounds on this one and a good beat.

Couldn't find any info on Jim other than the fact that he had another record (assuming it's the same Jim Cannon) on the Memphis Label with the tracks, Stagger-Stumble-Fall and  Highway Fever.

Artist: Jim Cannon
Label: WESCAN 100
Year: 1960's
Side A: My Evil Eye
Side B: Underwater Man


  1. Time Funnel...cute name for a blog. NICE find here...this item makes a nice soggy companion to "The Skin Diver" by Paul Frees, another gurgle-voice oddity.

  2. I'm not sure if this blog is still active, but my name is Joshua Cannon and Jim Cannon is my grandfather. He is still alive and kicking in Memphis, Tennessee. He's writing music and plays guitar every night. We are currently writing a record together and recording it over the summer. He is a truly incredible musician and man - I was raised playing guitar on his knee. These are two of my favorite tracks. If you like his music, there is plenty more to be heard. You can contact me at for more.